onsdag 13 februari 2013

Lego party

Downloaded a LEGO font to do this personalized logo. http://www.fontineed.com/font/lego
The yellow and red part I had to on my own, in Paint.  


Yellow paper plates is the perfect way to create LEGO heads...
both used as decoration and as actual plates to eat on.

The LEGO party table i set and ready for the boys to arrive. All decorations in bright typical LEGO colors. 
(Except a jar with white to black pieces...I'll come back to that soon)

Every boy got there own LEGO logo that showed them where to sit.
Later I put the names on there candy bags, so they could take them home.

Naturally I had to make a LEGO cake. Making cakes ain't my strong suit so I was still OK with the result.
I made a chocolate cake and covered it with yellow sugar paste.
(Though it looks more white than yellow in this picture, unfortunately). 

Yummy! The kids loved it...me too!

My LEGO loving boy built these.
We didn't want to ruin the cake with the candle, so this was a perfect solution.

A little game, to guess how many LEGO bricks is in the jar. 154 is the correct answer ;)

Another game was LEGO Bingo. I photographed 25 pieces of LEGO and created several pages with bingo charts. The pictures needs to be in different order on every chart. Then I put the real LEGO bricks in a  bag. To play I picked one brick at a time while the boys put an x-mark on the matching picture. A very appreciated game.

LEGO bags for the traditional candy. Of course the bag contained chocolate moulded in LEGO shape.


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